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Chris Brealey, STSM, Rational Mobile Solutions

Chris Brealey is a lead Architect for IBM Rational Mobile Software Development Solution, in particular on mobile application delivery and quality assurance. Prior to this role, Chris was the lead architect for Rational Application Developer, focusing on tools for Service Oriented Architecture, as well as in Cloud Computing and development environments. Chris is an IBM Software Group Senior Technical Staff Member with many years of research collaboration with the CAS Research Faculty, yielding fruitful industrial research outcomes that resulted in publications and productization.

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Christopher Ferris, IBM Distinguished Engineer, CTO Open Cloud

Christopher is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and CTO for Open Cloud in IBM Software Group's Open Technologies organization. He has been involved in the architecture, design, and engineering of distributed systems for most of his 33+ year career in IT and has been actively engaged in open standards and open source development since 1999. He has technical responsibility for IBM's open source and standards initiatives relevant to Cloud Computing, including OpenStack, Cloud Foundry and Docker.

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Dr. Igor Jurisica, Professor, Departments of Computer Science and Medical Biophysics, University of Toronto

DR. IGOR JURISICA, PhD, is a Senior Scientist at UHN and a pioneer in integrative computational biology. He is a Professor at the Departments of Medical Biophysics and Computer Science at the University of Toronto, an Adjunct Professor at the School of Computing and Pathology and Molecular Medicine at Queen.s University, and Department of Computer Science at York University, and an Honorary Professor, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He is also a Faculty Member of the Centre for Math Medicine at the Fields Institute and a Visiting Scientist at the IBM Centre for Advanced Studies, and an Informatics and Communications Technology Scientific Co-Lead at the TECHNA Institute for the Advancement of Technology for Health.
Dr. Jurisica has won numerous awards, including a Tier I Canada Research Chair in Integrative Cancer Informatics, the IBM Faculty Partnership Award (3-time recipient), and IBM Shared University Research Award (4-time recipient). He has also recently been included in Thomson Reuters. 2014 list of Highly Cited Researchers, documenting the world.s most influential researchers spanning 21 fields of sciences and social sciences. Each researcher included in this list has had multiple Highly Cited Papers that represent the top 1% of their respective fields.

His research focuses on integrative cancer informatics and the representation, analysis and visualization of high-dimensional data to identify prognostic/predictive signatures, drug mechanism of action and in silico re-positioning of drugs. Interests include comparative analysis for mining different integrated data sets (e.g., protein-protein interactions, high-dimensional cancer data, and high-throughput screens for protein crystallization). Two example .big data. projects that systematically and comprehensively explore protein crystallization screens and clinically-relevant cancer biomarkers.

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Sridhar Sudarsan, CTO & Chief Architect, Watson Ecosystem, IBM Watson Group

Sridhar Sudarsan is the CTO and Chief Architect of the IBM Watson Ecosystem. He is responsible for the technical strategy to build cognitive solutions using Watson with partners in the healthcare, retail, travel and other industries. As a thought leader in the Watson solutions team, he collaborates with clients, engineering, research and development teams across IBM to build the Watson platform, services and is pioneering cognitive system patterns to design solutions in the ecosystem.
Prior to joining the Watson Solutions team, Sridhar was the Chief Architect for Efficient Batch solutions, responsible across IBM products and platforms to deliver batch capabilities.

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Dr. Catherine Burns, Professor and Director, Centre for Bioengineering and Biotechnology, University of Waterloo

Dr. Burns conducts research in Ecological Interface Design, Cognitive Work Analysis, graphical interface design and visualization. Areas of application include healthcare and health informatics, consumer goods, military and industrial applications.

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